The Agostino & Associates
Journal of Tax Controversy

July 2019 Agostino Journal

• Understanding The Line Between Pennies On The Dollar Settle- Ment Of Tax Claims And Prosecution For Nonpayment Of Tax, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Rikki Bassi J.D.
• TAC Tip: OIC Analysis—The Difference Between Dissipated Assets and Nominee Transfers, by Frank Agostino, Esq. & Andrew Lendrum, Esq

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December 2018 Agostino Journal

• Statutory and Ethical Obligations to Report Tax Evasion, Frank Agostino, Esq. and
Valerie Vlasenko, Esq.
• Form 8833, Treaty-Based Return Position Disclosure Under Section 6114 or 7701(b), by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Phillip J. Colasanto, Esq.
• TAC Tip: Overcoming The Langauge Barrier: Translation And Interpreting Services Provided By The Internal Revenue Service, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Stefanie Baroutoglou

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November 2018 Agostino Journal

• The International Information Reporting Penalties: Is the IRS’s Failure to Embrace a One-Stop Shopping Paradigm Inefficient and Statutorily Deficient?, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Phillip J. Colasanto, Esq.
• Form 8865, Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Joseph A. Stackhouse, Jr.
• Section 139F Pro Bono Project
• IRS News Release: Get Ready for Taxes: Learn how the new tax law affects tax returns next year.

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October 2018 Agostino Journal

• Effectively Advocating for Taxpayers During Summons Interviews: “Potted Plant” vs. “Rambo” Representation, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Joseph Stackhouse, Jr.
• Form 5471, Information Return of U.S. Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations, by Frank Agostino, Esq. and Alec Schwartz, Esq.
• TAC Tip: Tax professionals should request that the appeals office verify the collection division’s compliance with the taxpayer bill of rights in all collection due process hearing requests, by Frank Agostino, Esq.

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